Fort Lauderdale Airport Or The Miami Airport?

October 13, 2012

 Which Airport Should I Fly Into, Fort Lauderale Airport Of Miami Airport?

Fort Lauderdale Airport or Miami Airport? This is a question we receive countless times per week by our out of state clients planning their upcoming trip to the South Florida area. Whether they plan to stay in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, taking a cruise out of Port Of Miami Miami or are coming here on business they are presented by a choice, should the fly into Fort Lauderdale airport or Miami airport.

Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is approximately 30 miles from Miami Airport (MIA)but can be a million miles apart in terms of airline rates, timetables and number of connections you must take to arrive into either airport. Some passengers assume that because they are staying in Miami Beach or taking a cruise out of Port Of Miami that they MUST fly into the Miami airport. Makes sense no? However this is simply not the case. You may be quoted a higher airfare with 1 or more stops to fly into Miami Airport but with a little additional planning and foresight it can be cheaper and less hassle to actually fly into Fort Lauderdale airport and make ground transportation arrangements. You may pay hundreds less in airfare and actually have a direct flight into FLL over the 1 or more connections it might take you to arrive at MIA. This can very often be true for the reverse, sometimes it might actually be cheaper and less hassle flying into MIA even though you might be staying in Fort Lauderdale or cruising out of Port Everglades.

The question remains though, even though I may save money and encounter less hassle flying into an alternative airport, how do I get to my destination hotel or cruise ship. This is where ABC Limousine comes into the equation. if you do decide to fly into an alternative airport ABC Limousine can be ready and waiting for you and your travelling party at either FLL or MIA upon arrival of your flight. Depending on the size of your party ABC Limousine will accommodate you in a variety of vehicles; sedan town car, stretch limousines or large vans are all options.

We have found that in most cases ABC Limousine saves you both money and time and most importantly helps in starting your vacation or business trip to the South Florida area in the most efficient and pleasurable way possible.

So the next time you are wondering if you really want to arrive into Miami Airport or Fort Lauderdale Airprot on the red-eye at 5.30AM with 2 connections on the way remember to check an alternative airport and give ABC Limousine a call at 1800 380 1222 to help you make the best choice possible