Fort Lauderdale Limousine Service And Information.

August 7, 2014

Fort Lauderdale Limousine Service.

Not long ago we here at ABC Limousine, a Fort Lauderdale limousine service, were dealing with droves of sun seeking, study stressed college students who were coming to Fort Lauderale by air, car, bus, train and in some cases even hitchhiking.  Some where in search for the innocence of the Fort Lauderdale as seen in the classic 1960 movie “Where The Boys Are”.

In many other cases they were in search of over indulgence and cheap lodging.

Fort Lauderdale once the number one destination of rambunctious spring break teenagers is not the same place it once was. Fort Lauderdale has changed and in the opinion of ABC Limousine (a Fort Lauderdale Limousine service) for the better.

We are delighted to report that us here at ABC Limousine, a premier Fort Lauderdale limousine service, have noticed and experienced a whole different Fort Lauderdale emerge from the hedonistic 1980s. This is in many thanks to the local government and law enforcement agencies.

Fort Lauderdale now offers high end hotels and resorts such as the luxurious Fort Lauderdale Ritz Carlton, the classic Atlantic Beach Resort and Spa or the Italian coast inspired Il Lugano to name but a few to delight the most demanding of visitor.

As hotel accommodation has changed no change has been more pronounced or as evident as the Fort Lauderdale restaurant scene. Since ABC Limousine is primarily a Fort Lauderdale limousine service we are constantly amazed by the new restaurants that open almost weekly to rave reviews and the quality of food they provide.

Whether you yearn for Italian, Brazilian, American, Asian or all of the above fused in some way or other Fort Lauderdale has it all. A quick Google, Yelp or Trip Advisor search for Fort Lauderale restaurants will surely garnish copious amounts of information for the discerning traveler to the Fort Lauderdale area

Fort Lauderdale truly has it all , sun drenched beaches year round, fantastic restaurants coupled with great service, superior hotel and lodging and of course the welcoming appreciation of the Fort Lauderdale resident.

ABC Limousine would like to take this opportunity to invite you to experience Fort Lauderdale this winter. In addition ABC Limousine would enjoy being the preferred service for when you seek an experienced and well established Fort Lauderdale limousine service.