Limo Service To Port Of Miami and Port Everglades From FLL Or MIA

August 7, 2014



Limo Service Between Port and Airport

South Florida has 3 major sea ports, the most popular being Port Of Miami followed by Port Everglades and finally Port Of Palm Beach. We will discuss the two most popular ports in this post; The Port Everglades and The Port Of Miami.
Every single day our office receive numerous calls from prospective clients seeking information on the best way to transport themselves from the airport or hotel to any one of our South Florida ports. Many of these calls are from novice cruisers and sometimes experienced cruisers who find that they have very little time between their flight arrival and time of embarkation at the Port.
We listen and offer the best available advice we can based on the clients time needs, budget, personal preference and size of arriving party. Of course we encourage our clients to use ABC Limousine, but sometimes it is more sensible and cost effective to use the transportation offered by the cruise line.
If for some reason you find yourself in a time predicament such as a flight arriving at 1.00PM or later into MIA or FLL and sailing time is at 5.00PM. In cases such as this it would be essential to collect luggage as quickly as possible and arrive at either the Port Of Miami or Port Everglades as quickly as possible. In a case such as this a private car and driver waiting for you would be ideal so as not to wait in the endless taxi line or waiting for a shuttle bus to fill up with other passengers. Call ABC Limo today to arrange
For reference the limo drive from:
MIA to Port Of Miami is approx. 30 minutes.
MIA to Port Everglades is approx 60 minutes.
FLL to Port Everglades is approx 15 minutes
FLL to Port Of Miami is approx 1 hour.
The above are driving times and can be longer depending on traffic and the security lines at the entrance of the port.
Depending on your budget, time constraints and personal preference a private limo service and chauffeur may be the best way to arrive at the Port Of Miami or Port Everglades relaxed, refreshed and ready to enjoy your cruise. ABC Limousine has been transporting passengers from all of our major South Florida airports to both Port Of Miami and Port Everglades since 1989.
Call ABC Limo today at 1-800-380-1222 or visit us at to arrange your port transportation.
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