How To Rent A Palm Beach Limousine

November 2, 2013


Tips For Renting A Palm Beach Limousine

It is extremely important to use due diligence when selecting your Palm Beach limousine for your very important event. Talk to our rep about the type of function you need. The number of people, number of hours you’ll need and how far you’re going. It would be beneficial to know if this is for a wedding, concert, prom, birthday party or maybe an anniversary – and we specialize in certain events to deliver the best possible experience. The more details you can provide, the better the value and service you’ll receive.

  1. Packages: A package is often the best choice for special occasions like weddings, concerts, prom, sporting events or other ride types with a predictable start and end time. Packages will generally provide a set number of hours in a vehicle that fits your party size and event for a fixed, all-inclusive price. Some companies offer packages for every type of service and most give substantial “bulk rate” price breaks.
  2. limo-servicesReserve early – especially for big events: Start searching well before you need your limo. For wedding limos, some people book 12-18 months in advance. Other events, like proms, are best to book a limo a few months in advance. In general, it is best to start looking 3-4 weeks before your event. After you’ve selected the right limo service provider, get confirmation in writing. For special occasions, it’s generally a good idea to contact your limo service provider a week before the event, just to ensure everything is confirmed. It is best to call 2-4 weeks in advance of the reservation. Now, do some research. Google “Vehicle Type, Your City” for example, “8-passenger limousine, Palm Beach, Fl.” Then look at the company websites to confirm the companies have your desired vehicle. Look in the phone book and decide on an additional few companies.
  3. Call companies and listen to how each company deals with your phone call. On your special night, it is important that the company is responsive to your requests. Call each name on the list and get quotes from each. Be sure to ask for rates including gratuity, cancellation fees, how much for an extra hour and their TCP number (State license to be a licensed transport). Ask what the vehicles come with (alcohol, music, passes to clubs, etc.).
  4. Decide which company you feel will be on time, have the best vehicle and chauffeur, and has the best price. For most people, price is not as important as service, so don’t automatically choose the lowest rate, you might end up with an 80’s limo and a driver in jeans and a t-shirt.
  5. Book the vehicle with the company you choose. When booking make sure to get a copy of the contract and reservation, confirmation/reservation number, as well as their cancellation policy in writing/email. Make sure to confirm the out the door price that will be charged to your credit card.
  6. Call 2-4 days before your event to confirm your reservation and request the driver’s cell phone number. Be sure to verify that the routing is correct and that there is a driver scheduled. Be sure to ask if they are going to farm out your run.(A “Farm-out” means that they are selling your reservation to another company at a profit). If they tell you of their intention to farm out, either tell them not to do so, or ask for details of the other company so that you can satisfy yourself of their reliability.
  7. Call 3 hours prior to the event, just to check in and make sure everything is fine.


Final Tips

  • promsThe type of event can drastically change the price of the vehicle.
  • Make sure that you know the location of the limo company. Some must charge drive time if they are more than 30 minutes away.
  • Head count is important, no one wants to be left to take a taxi!
  • Like in most things, you get what you pay for.
  • Be sure to inquire about limitations around food, drink, or smoking. This could include the availability of glasses, refrigeration, if the driver will also be the server, etc.
  • Some companies provide music (radio or satellite radio), so ask in advance or be prepared to take a mix CD that has enough music to last the whole ride.
  • Remember that it is also advisable to check the limo before you book it. make an appointment to check the limo and if you are satisfied write the license plate down and get it in writing. Happy limousine hunting.
  • Get everything in writing, you want to have it black on white at the end of the day. A contract should be sign before you give them your credit card details. All details like routing, number of passengers, number of hours etc to avoid any surprises.

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